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Counterintelligence Analyst

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Counterintelligence Analyst

IC-CAP is a federal government contractor, specializing in information technology and intelligence professionals.

Are you an experienced Counterintelligence Analyst passionate about the security and defense of the United States? Interested in working for a company driven to improve our country’s intelligence and defense capabilities through technology?

Future openings for Counterintelligence Analyst in Washington, DC. Must possess a strong background in engaging customers and team members, and be able to support a CI or intelligence analytical team in support of CI analytical requirements.

Educational degree from an accredited institute in an area applicable to the position and 2-10+ years of relevant experience in addition to education.

Provide analysis of Intelligence Information Reports (IIR)s/Intelligence Reports (INTREPs), feedback and IIR/HR and CI INTREP evaluations, source directed requirements (SDR)s, time-sensitive collection requirements (TSCR)s, Adhoc collection requirements (AHCR)s, or supports source validation.

Conduct analysis of source reliability and report credibility in support of the source validation process. Provides CI analysis and assessments in support of source validation.

Is responsible for researching, developing, and presenting CI all‐source intelligence products at the tactical, operational, and strategic level as part of an overall analytical team.

At levels 4 and 5, may serve as an analytical advisor on an intelligence analytical team in support of analytical requirements.

At higher levels (3-5) must be fungible/agile to respond to changes in analytical priorities.

At level 4, may supervise lower-level analysts, but must review work outputs of lower levels.

At level 5, supervises, manages, and reviews work outputs of lower-level analysts.

Intelligence: 2 years (Required)


TS/SCI Clearance (Required)

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