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Military Transition


Are you transitioning out of the military?


Would you like assistance with finding a job?


IC-CAP's senior leadership retired from the military over 15 years ago and made the transition to consulting work with the help of friends. We are dedicated to helping you make that transition. We will work with you to find the perfect transitioning opportunity that will fully value your experience, service, and potential.   


Getting started is easy!

Send an email to and our recruiters will set up two appointments.  The first will be an introductory call with them so we can learn more about your desired position and past experience.  The second will be an appointment with IC-CAP's senior leadership to provide advice on your transition.  


During the introductory call, our recruiters will gather the following information to allow our senior leaders to position you appropriately.


  • Your desired job, the type of company and your business aspirations

  • What benefits are important to you

  • Your desired salary currently, in two years, and in five years

  • Your desired work location and lifestyle (urban, suburban, or rural)

  • Your desired hours (morning, afternoon, nights, weekends, etc.)

  • Your work experiences (best and worst)

  • Deployments in the past and your desire to deploy in the future

  • Your 5-year goal

  • Your clearance status

  • Family considerations that we should take into account


This information will help our senior leadership provide you advice and match you up with the right job opportunities. These are not only IC-CAP opportunities but opportunities that other companies have available.  IC-CAP has relationships with multiple companies throughout the community and we want to make sure that you find the job that fits your situation the best.

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