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The Federal Government is struggling to keep up with the exponential increase of raw data collected through multiple channels. This significant growth of structured and unstructured data creates challenges that require the development of processes and analytic solutions to harness the tremendous power of data science, technology, and an enhanced analytical workforce more efficiently. IC-CAP’s approach to performing discovery is a hybrid that combines technology with mission personnel. We develop solutions quickly through integrated working groups that include software developers, data scientist, and mission professionals. Our consultants gain an understanding of the mission challenge and the data, then perform data preparation, modeling, and evaluation.  On a parallel track our software developers design the business logic and visualizations that will extract clear insights from the data. This is accomplished by leveraging agile methodologies to deliver the solution effectively and efficiently.

Data Science and Analytics

IC-CAP’s data scientists can help you gain a better understanding of your data so you can bridge the gap between mission and data.  Our team creates customized solutions for the most challenging of needs and enables better decision making.


Languages and Tools:  R, Python, Scala, Spark, Scikit-Learn, Java, Hadoop, HDFS, Accumulo, Excel, Squirrel, SQL Developer, SPSS Modeler, i2, Tableau

Software Engineering and Integration


IC-CAP’s software developers can help transform your analytical environment through technology that is smart, sophisticated, user-centric, and leading edge.  Our team of fully cleared developers is familiar with all intelligence disciplines and is capable of delivering multi-int solutions.  


Languages and Tools:  Java, JavaScript, .net, Ruby, Ajax, Groovy, CSS, HTML, KML, XML, SQL, PHP, XSL, XSD, JQuery, JSON, JIRA, JUnit, Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio, Hadoop, Oracle, MySQL, PostGres DevOps :  Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, GitHub

Intelligence Analysis

IC-CAP’s team of intelligence analysts can blend structured information, engineering science and the art of skilled intelligence analysis to help solve some of our nation’s most challenging intelligence problems.  They are skilled at formulating a variety of reports for all audiences and have expertise in multiple intelligence disciplines to include all-source analysis, signals analysis, geospatial analysis, human Intelligence, anti-terrorism assessments, threat vulnerability assessments, and TCPED expertise for national and tactical data sources.

A full list of the skills we recruite for can be found here.

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