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 Source Strategies Analysts  - MACSS

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We have openings for Source Strategies Analysts in L​as Cruces, NM! The positions require a high degree of people and hard skills, but will prove rewarding for the right candidates.
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Source Strategies Analyst - L​as Cruces, NM

Responsibilities Include:

  • Collaborate with customers and source providers to develop comprehensive multi-INT, multi-source strategies to address intelligence problems.

  • Assist in creating tasking and dissemination requirements, provide support to requirement adjudication, analyze and investigate collection performance, assess and report on end-to-end GEOINT system performance data, and advise customers in support of the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence (NSG) and the ASG.

  • Advise Production and Source analysts on imagery-related collection issues, writing and submitting imagery collection requirements, reviewing requirements, analyzing imagery collection performance, ensuring the proper use and application of advanced phenomenologies and ensuring the proper dissemination of imagery products.

  • Build "Multi-Source; Multi-Int" strategies that horizontally integrate multi-discipline intelligence collection capabilities. 

  • Possess excellent organization and presentation skills in order to support customer outreach efforts and must be capable of managing diverse functions in a high ops-tempo environment.

  • Analyze and integrate basic information to identify clear patterns or trends and draw reasonable, logical conclusions for the straightforward GEOINT problems​.

Experience & Education:

  • Bachelor's Degree and 2 years of work experience or equivalent experience

  • 3 or more years of relevant experience

Required Competencies, etc.:

  • Understand the technical capabilities and limitations of imagery.

  • Advanced skill with all capabilities and use all GIMS functionalities to include but not limited to Advanced Search, Dissemination Rules, Strategies, NGDS-Discovery Services, GIN Creation, GIN Modification and Approval, Tasking Dashboard, Geospatial Dashboard, Supplier Management, OOI Target Creation, OOI Query, OOI Modification, OOI Management, AGI Search, Virtual File Folders, and UIM-Approved Product Holdings (Report) Search.

  • Ability to apply well-established strategies or procedures to effectively perform routine GEOINT analysis.

  • Understanding of straightforward GEOINT situations or problems and collect information from routine sources.

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