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SME Instructor Imagery Science OPIR Level 1


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IC-CAP LLC is a Woman Owned / HUBZone Small Business working in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.  We are always looking for highly talented, energetic, and dynamic professionals that are interested in protecting the defense of our nation.  

Some of the positions are future positions.  Please look at the opening line of the job description to determine if this is an open or future position.


Our positions are not remote unless stated in the job description below.

We are looking to fill this position at the following location(s):

    Springfield, VA

Job Description

SME Instructor Imagery Science OPIR Level 1:

General Duties and Experience:

  • Delivers in-resident and distance learning instructional programs in accordance with course requirements. 

  • Uses instructional methods such as,  guided discussions, lectures, demonstrations, small group exercises,  seminars, workshops, and laboratories. 

  • Uses instructional technology,  including but not limited to Blackboard. 

  •  Conducts assessment strategy  in accordance with the course design, including instructor observation,  testing, and grading.  

  • Provides formal and informal student feedback.    

  • Provides subject matter expertise throughout the curriculum creation  process, including content review and feedback to development staff. 

  • Relevant instructional experience includes, but is not limited to,  experience developing and delivering technical training and educational  courses in academic, commercial, government, or industrial  organizations. 

  • Relevant subject matter expertise experience includes,  but is not limited to, experience in technical field as described in the  Instructor technical competency requirements by the work role

Work Role: LIDAR, OPIR, Photogrammetric, Radar, Spectral, and Thermal Infrared Imagery Scientists

  • Desired degrees in one of the following:  Geodetic Science,  Photogrammetry, Computer Science, Imagery Science, Physical Science,  Remote Sensing, Thermodynamics, Geophysics, Mathematics, or a related  discipline/experience.

  • The candidate must meet the competency  requirements in Applicable Document 9.7, Imagery Science Competency  Guides, for a respective imagery scientist work role with skills at or  higher than intermediate skills.  Applicable Document 9.15 will indicate  the required number and skill level of each IA instructor.

  • Documented  experience with one or more of the following software packages:  ENVI,  Remote View and mensuration plug-ins, SAR Motion Simulator, AGITK Spiral  11, DIVA, DotMatrix and MOVINT Client

  • Possess a working  knowledge of specific phenomenology (LIDAR, OPIR, SAR, IR, Spectral,  OPIR), Motion Imagery (FMV or LVSD/WAS), MTI, and or other existing or  emerging GEOINT sources or applications, exploitation methods, and  analysis techniques.

  • Documented experience within the last 36  months using specific phenomenology (LIDAR, OPIR, SAR, Spectral, IR),  Motion Imagery (FMV or LVSD/WAS), MTI, or other existing or emerging  GEOINT data sources

Education & Experience:

  • Master's degree in area of expertise plus 3 years of relevant experience

  • Bachelor's degree in area of expertise plus 5 years of relevant experience

  • 20 years of relevant experience.  The experience must align with the work role.

  • Four years of relevant instructor experience.

Security Clearance:

  • DoD Approved Clearance and Poly

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SME Instructor Imagery Science OPIR Level 1
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