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Instructor: Geospatial Analyst

We have openings for Instructors of Geospatial Analytics in Springfield, VA! We're looking for experienced professionals ready and willing to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of our nations analytics teams!
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Instructor: Geospatial Analytics - Springfield, VA

​Are you an experienced Instructor of Geospatial Analytics passionate about the security and defense of the United States? Interested in working for a company driven to improve our country’s intelligence and defense capabilities through technology? Immediate openings for Instructors in Geospatial Analytics in Springfield, VA!

General Duties and Experience:

  • Delivers in-resident and distributed learning instructional programs in accordance with course requirements.

  • Uses instructional methods such as guided discussions, lectures, demonstrations, small group exercises, seminars, workshops, and laboratories.

  • Uses instructional technology, including but not limited to Blackboard.

  • Conducts assessment strategy in accordance with the course design, including instructor observation, testing, and grading.

  • Provides formal and informal student feedback.

  • Provides subject matter expertise throughout the curriculum creation process, including content review and feedback to development staff.

  • Relevant instructional experience includes, but is not limited to, experience developing and delivering technical training and educational courses in academic, commercial, government, or industrial organizations.

  • Relevant subject matter expertise (CONTRACT INSTRUCTOR) experience includes, but is not limited to, experience in the technical field as described in the Instructor technical competency requirements by Work Role.

Experience: Bachelor’s degree in the area of expertise plus three years of experience, OR six years of relevant experience.
Instructional Experience: Three years of relevant instructor experience.

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