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Target Materials Analyst

Candidates must have an active DoD TS/SCI clearance, with the ability to pass a polygraph exam.

IC-CAP is an IT/Analytics services company located in Washington, DC. We are focused on improving the practice of intelligence analysis through the preparation of data, enhanced visualizations, and the development of an enhanced analytical workforce. Our members are our greatest assets, and we offer greater career potential and work-life balance through our approach to career growth, training, mentorship, and our variable benefits package.

Are you an experienced Target Materials Analyst passionate about the security and defense of the United States? Interested in working for a company driven to improve our country’s intelligence and defense capabilities through technology?


  • Contract personnel shall independently produce imagery and/or geospatial based target materials for the CENTCOM AOR in accordance with DoDpolicy, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) Manuals/Instructions and CCMD policies and standards for target material production.

  • Conduct Target Coordinate Mensuration (TCM) using direct, registration (controlled tie), multiple image geopositioning (MIG) and resection (uncontrolled tie) techniques on a variety of target types using command directed NGA validated mensuration tools to support the employment of precision-guided munitions.

  • Conduct imagery research, analysis, and exploitation to produce imagery and/or geospatial based target materials (TM) and other products to support targeting. Conduct weaponeering using approved tools and/or guides to achieve desired damage criteria. Conduct Collateral Damage Estimation (CDE) and produce the required graphics.

  • Submit collection requests as required to satisfy target material requirements.

  • Identify and nominate no-strike entities to national database - currently

  • Modernized Integrated Database (MIDB). Conduct a hard and deeply buried target analysis and prepare related products.

  • Conduct database nominations, create/update database records, create and assign BE Numbers, and upload products into databases as required to support basic, intermediate, and advanced target development.

  • Conduct quality control (QC) of target materials (including TCM, CDE, and weaponeering) produced by other analyst and work centers supporting CENTCOM.

  • Develop training materials and conduct on-the-job training for personnel as required.

  • Provide recommended input to DoD, CJCS Manuals/Instructions, CENTCOM policies, SOPs and standards for TM production as required.

  • Coordinate with external and internal production centers and customers to ensure product delivery within established timelines.

  • Respond to RFI’s as required.

Salary: $100,000.00 to $115,000.00 /year

IC-CAP is, proudly, an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Race, religion, gender identity/expression, sexuality, and color, among other similar factors, will play no part in determining eligibility for employment. Employees and prospective employees will succeed based on their own merit.

If this sounds like you or you know someone who would be a solid fit, let's talk! Send us your resume and a bit about yourself!

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