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Journeyman Cartographic Analyst



  • 3 to 10 years of Maritime Navigation experience.

  • Analyst shall have an understanding and knowledge in the field of marine

  • navigation, including underway navigation, experience with Electronic Chart

  • Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) systems, and geographic

  • information system (GIS) software.

  • Provide a navigational perspective to maritime geospatial intelligence issues

  • Knowledge of basic coordinate systems (latitude and longitude, UTM).

  • Knowledge of projections and their properties.

Desired Experience:

  • Analyze imagery and non-imagery source information for application to NGA

  • hydrographic products and databases

  • Maintain Maritime Safety Information databases

  • Maintain maritime features and attributes in NGA database(s) in accordance

  • with NGA Specifications, the Feature and Attribute Coding Catalog (FACC),

  • and/or the NSG Feature Data Dictionary (NFDD)

  • Load, analyze, and review Maritime products on ECDIS systems




  • Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information


Who is IC-CAP:

IC-CAP is a HUB Zone / Woman-Owned small business with a mission to improve our country’s intelligence and defense capabilities through technology and development of an enhanced analytical workforce.  We focus on providing exceptional customer service and keeping our staff dedicated to our clients.  We realize our staff is our greatest asset and we reward them through superior benefits, training and support.

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