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Senior Secretary 101-003


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IC-CAP LLC is a Woman Owned / HUBZone Small Business working in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.  We are always looking for highly talented, energetic, and dynamic professionals that are interested in protecting the defense of our nation.  

Some of the positions are future positions.  Please look at the opening line of the job description to determine if this is an open or future position.


Our positions are not remote unless stated in the job description below.

We are looking to fill this position at the following location(s):

    Springfield, VA

Job Description

Senior Secretary :

The responsibilities of the Senior Secretary shall include, but are not limited to, the following administrative duties: 

  • Independently anticipate and provide responsive administrative support to facilitate completion of all organizational mission requirements. This will require executing a broad range of secretarial responsibilities with some tasks occurring routinely and/or on an “adhoc” basis per real-time needs of the office. 

  • Provide the office with a centralized source of administrative expertise and guidance, which ultimately affects the success of the mission. 

  • Independently manage office schedules and calendars to administratively support responsive planning, coordination, execution, and completion of business rhythms, corporate requirements, and events (i.e., meetings, conferences, travel, etc.). 

  • Provide assistance to management and staff on administrative activities, requirements, developments, issues, and status. This may include facilitating the coordination, consolidation, review, information, and guidance necessary to maintain continuity office management and staff.

  • Independently apply mature and objective judgment to determine best approach and course of action to take in both routine and non-routine administrative situations. This will require accurately interpreting and adapting guidelines, including unwritten policies, precedents and practices that are not always completely applicable to a changing situation. 

  •  Support office discussions regarding the organization’s administrative business rhythms and contribute recommendations as necessary. Specifically advise office leadership and management on the administrative implications of additions, deletions, or changes to the varied functions of the organization. 

  • Prepare special or one-time reports, summaries, or replies to inquiries, selecting relevant information from a variety of sources such as reports, documents, correspondence and other offices, etc. under general directives with minimum assistance and/or guidance. 

  • Create workbooks (e.g., read-ahead, staffing, continuity, standard operating procedures) for leadership planning and/or to support execution of leadership responsibilities and office administrative business rhythms. 

  • Support the office with development of guidance, procedures and/or policies relative to facilitating administrative activities of the organization. These functions may include training/travel budgets, suspense systems, space planning, personnel management, record management, logistics support, asset tracking, etc. 

  • Assist subordinate secretaries on new procedures; request information needed from the subordinate offices for periodic or special conference, reports, inquiries, etc. 

Education andExperience:  

  • Bachelor’s Degree in General Business Administration or a related degree from an accredited University/College  plus Experience:  Minimum 4 years of secretary experience. 

  • Education:  Associate’s Degree in General Business Administration or a related degree work from an accredited College plus Experience:  Minimum 6 years of secretary experience.  or High School Diploma Minimum 8 years of secretary experience. 

  • Education:  High School Diploma  plus Experience:  Minimum 8 years of secretary experience. 


  • Proven experience as a secretary supporting administrative requirements at the mid- to upper-management levels of an office. The Contractor’s proposed personnel shall be expected to independently accomplish the required administrative tasks. 

  • Strong foundational knowledge and understanding of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC).  

  • Strong professionalism with the ability to consistently demonstrate tact and maturity.

  • Strong interpersonal and/or soft skills, and office etiquette to: 1) Facilitate professional relationships and support efficient execution of all office administrative requirements; and 2) Realize a positive customer-oriented service experience by internal/external office personnel, customers, and visitors.

  • Strong teaming and collaboration skills that foster office unity and cohesiveness in support of completing office administrative requirements.

  • Capable of independently handling a large, complex workload, effectively coordinating multiple resources, and multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment having competing priorities.  

  • Excellent communication skills both verbally and written with the ability to:  1) Articulate and exchange information (i.e., requirements, actions, needs, status, etc.) in a professional tone and attitude to achieve efficient business rhythms; and 2) Produce professionally written emails, letters, documents, and other material that is succinct, coherent, uses proper tone, demonstrates proper grammatical use of the English language, and presents proper format/form per established corporate/office guidance.  

  • Strong office and work organization skills that facilitates a neat and orderly presentation of the work environment and administrative activities.  (Note: NGA has a clean desk policy that requires a clutter free work environment and the proper storage of working papers. 

  • Strong analytical skills to anticipate and proactively assist leadership personnel and staff with day to-day business rhythms and administrative support requirements. 

  • Creative and innovative techniques for performing administrative responsibilities that enhances office workflow processes and business rhythms.  

  • Interpret and adapt guidelines with minimal assistance, including unwritten policies, precedents and practices that are not always completely applicable to a changing situation. 

  • Strong working knowledge of office information technology (IT) equipment (e.g., copiers, scanners, facsimile machines, computer workstations, phones, teleconference/video teleconference equipment) with the ability to independently operate such equipment in completing administrative tasks. 

  • Strong working knowledge of MS Office software applications (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook: Mail, Calendar, and File Functions) with the ability to independently use these applications to efficiently complete office administrative tasks.

  • Proven self-starter with the ability to independently and accurately complete all assigned administrative work requirements.  

  •  Strong typing skills with the ability to type at a minimum of 45 words per minute (wpm).  


  • Prior DoD and/or NGA experience working in a related field. 

  • Prior experience working with the military and understanding of the services. 

  • Proficient working knowledge of the following corporate applications: PeopleSoft , Defense Travel System (DTS) with knowledge of the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR), NCERTS, and SharePoint.

Security Clearance:

  • DoD Approved Clearance and Poly

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Senior Secretary 101-003
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