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Intelligence Technician Oversight and Policy Access Mid-Level 113-001


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IC-CAP LLC is a Woman Owned / HUBZone Small Business working in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.  We are always looking for highly talented, energetic, and dynamic professionals that are interested in protecting the defense of our nation.  

Some of the positions are future positions.  Please look at the opening line of the job description to determine if this is an open or future position.


Our positions are not remote unless stated in the job description below.

We are looking to fill this position at the following location(s):

    Fort Meade, MD

Job Description

Intelligence Technician (Oversight and Policy Access) Mid-Level:


  • Demonstrates working knowledge of the concepts involved in the specific functions outlined in the specified labor category description.

  • Demonstrates ability to use logic and systematic approaches to gather, evaluate, and synthesize multiple sources of information.

  • Demonstrates ability to work semi-independently with oversight and direction.

  • Demonstrates ability to use logic when evaluating and synthesizing multiple sources of information.

  • Demonstrates ability interpreting analysis to include, but is not limited to, its meaning, importance, and implications.

  • Demonstrates ability to defend analytic judgements with sound, logical conclusions and adapt analytic judgments when presented with new information, evolving conditions, or unexpected developments.

  • Demonstrates ability to produce timely, logical, and concise analytic reports, documents, assessments, studies, and briefing materials in formats including Microsoft Office tools (e.g. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.), electronic / soft copy matrices and / or web-enabled formats.

  • Demonstrates ability to communicate complex issues clearly in a concise and organized manner both verbally and non-verbally, with strong grammar skills.

  • Demonstrates proficiency using Microsoft Office tools.

  • Demonstrates ability to develop structured research including, but not limited to, obtaining, evaluating, organizing, and maintaining information within security and data protocols.

  • Demonstrates ability to recognize nuances and resolve contradictions and inconsistencies in information.

  • Demonstrates comprehensive mission knowledge and skills that affirms completion of all developmental training and experiences for the labor category.

  • Demonstrates ability to work independently with minimal oversight and direction.

  • Demonstrates ability to collaborate and work with other IC members on information sharing, driving collection, and addressing analytic disputes and conflict resolution.

  • Demonstrates ability to develop concise, insightful, and comprehensive products for defense intelligence.

  • Demonstrates ability to lead teams in researching multifaceted or critical problems.

  • Knowledgeable of and demonstrates ability to apply IC and DoD classification guidelines and procedures.

  • Demonstrates the ability to communicate understanding from information that may be incomplete, indirect, highly complex, seemingly unrelated, and / or technically advanced.

  • Demonstrates ability to structure analysis based on trends in reporting and a range of analytic perspectives from other analysts, organizations, and intelligence disciplines.

  • Provides guidance in selecting, designing, and applying analytic methodologies. Uses argument evaluation and validated analytic methodologies to challenge differing perspectives.

Job Duties:

  • Provides a full range of intelligence and administrative support to assist analysts, engineers, and scientists involved in a variety of intelligence disciplines and activities. 

  • Activities include, but are not limited to, building and maintaining databases; monitor intelligence; assists with administration and management of RFIs; produces metrics; provides cross-domain data transfer and intelligence dissemination support, system-high to -low transfers between JWICS, SIPRNet, NIPRNet, and other U.S. and Allied / Partner systems. Produces metrics, graphics, and briefings as required to support production management and mission management functions. 

  • Supports the Intelligence Oversight and Policy (IO&P) team and provide mission support. 

  • Reviews, tracks and stores signed documentation, to include training records of staff personnel who serve as members of the USCYBERCOM Production Chain. 

  • Maintain spreadsheets to support quick presentation and review of USCYBERCOM Production Chain members. 

  • Performs administrative duties to include, but not limited to, development and maintenance of file directories, SharePoint sites, pages, lists and libraries. 

  • Troubleshoots system or procedural issues regarding document storage and document review; propose process improvements that may utilize software (ex. EXCEL, SharePoint, file management systems etc.) and to ensure proper access controls are utilized for operational security management in the allocation of personnel within USCYBERCOM SIGINT Production Chain. 

  • Obtains responses from IO&P staff members in response to formal staff packages. 

  • Manages and coordinates IO&P responses to formal staff packages. 

  • Creates and manages formal staff packages that have been produced by members of  the IO&P team. 

  • Schedules and manages VTCs, conference rooms, and invitations to various weekly, monthly and quarterly Intelligence Oversight meetings attended by USCYBERCOM, Cyber Mission Force, and NSA personnel. 

  • Tracks all J2 IO&P Team requirements and assignments to support production of the USCYBERCOM Intelligence Oversight Quarterly report to include production of training statistics and graphs, and shall support drafting and review of USCYBERCOM Intelligence Oversight policies and procedures. 

Education and Experience:

  • Mid-Level Three (3) years of experience relevant to the specific labor category with at least      a portion of the experience within the last two (2) years and either a Bachelor’s degree or an additional four (4) years of direct experience, for a total of seven (7) years of experience in the specific labor category may be substituted for a Bachelor’s degree.

Desired Education and Experience:

  • At least 8 years of experience conducting analysis relevant to the specific labor category with at least a   portion of the experience within the last 2 years.

  • Bachelor's degree in an area related to the labor category from a college or university accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of  Education.

Security Clearance:

  • DoD Approved Clearance and Poly

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Intelligence Technician Oversight and Policy Access Mid-Level 113-001
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