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Emerging Disruptive Technology Analyst II AI-ML 116-002


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IC-CAP LLC is a Woman Owned / HUBZone Small Business working in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.  We are always looking for highly talented, energetic, and dynamic professionals that are interested in protecting the defense of our nation.  

Some of the positions are future positions.  Please look at the opening line of the job description to determine if this is an open or future position.


Our positions are not remote unless stated in the job description below.

We are looking to fill this position at the following location(s):

    Quantico, VA

Job Description

This is a future position that may come open but is not open at the present moment.  We are willing to prescreen personnel for these positions if you are interested.

Emerging Disruptive Technology Analyst II AI-ML:

Job Decription:

Analyzes and assesses future technology and its military application(s) by foreign states and non-states. Produces  assessments projecting the discovery, development, and deployment of advanced technologies and the potential impact to Defense Critical Infrastructure and U.S. nuclear weapons worldwide. Produces intelligence supporting the production of the National Security Threat Capabilities Assessment, and threat assessments / global baseline assessments for the Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP).

Job Duties:

  • Conduct all source analysis of emerging global and adversary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Conduct all-source analysis to evaluate foreign military systems and technologies.

  • Conduct research, create intelligence products, create intelligence estimate assessments, and conduct intelligence briefings on request based on MCIA’s Program of Analysis (POA) and customer-driven requests for information (RFIs).

  • Collect, analyze, interpret, evaluate and research using tools, techniques, methodology and software.

  • Produce and deliver written intelligence assessments and briefings to support consumers at the tactical, operational, and strategic level as assigned.  Written products will meet Intelligence Community Standards (e.g., ICD 203, 206, 208) and MCIA standards and adhere to MCIA production and review processes.

  • Maintain situational awareness of and analyze the assigned portfolio.

  • Conduct research to determine current and future foreign capabilities.

  • Follow technology transfer and its military impact and ability of recipient countries to assimilate transferred technology

  • Annually publish/produce at least the minimum number of all-source analysis products (e.g., written and oral reports) as dictated by the  production requirements on assigned account.

  • Collect, analyze, interpret, evaluate and integrate complex data from multiple sources to assess the relevance and significance of developments in his/her assigned subject matter and geographic area(s).

  • Identify and assess intelligence gaps, recommend and submit collection requirements to fill gaps.

  • Develops collection strategies and composes collection requirements.

  • Correlate technically derived data using multiple intelligence disciplines and open source information.

  • Attend, participate in, and contribute to relevant conferences and other events.

  • Maintain contact and collaborate with counterparts across MCIA and in other intelligence organizations to keep abreast of current developments, to resolve problems to eliminate duplication, and to provide free flow of information on matters of intelligence interest.

  • Deliver subject matter expertise to support the development of new processes, procedures, and technologies.

  • Conduct peer reviews and reviews of intelligence products submitted for internal coordination and external intelligence community coordination.

  • Conduct All-Source analysis and assess basic, emerging, disruptive, and breakthrough technology that could potentially be applied to military/dual use systems that threaten USMC, or that enable systems that threaten USMC technology and its military application(s) by foreign states and non-state actors.

  • Produce assessments projecting the discovery and development of advanced technologies up to and including technology readiness level (TRL) 6 and the potential impact to USMC Operational Forces and Force Design 2030.

  • Produce original authoritative intelligence independently and in collaboration with other Service Intelligence Centers and members of STIC working groups.

  • Conducts all-source analytic production of future and current leading-edge technologies and their military applications worldwide. Projects the discovery, development, and deployment of advanced technologies and their potential impact on U.S. forces worldwide.

  • Provides risk assessments on the transfer and diversion of defense and dual-use U.S. technologies and assesses national security implications associated with foreign involvement in critical U.S. defense technology and defense sectors.

  • Produces intelligence for the U.S. National, Defense and Acquisition Communities. Conducts all-source analysis to identify, exploit, and assess potential threats, transfer, and vulnerabilities to defense supply chains.

  • Analyzes and assesses future technology and its military application(s) by foreign states and non-states.

Education and Experience:

  • At least 8 years of experience conducting analysis relevant to the specific labor category with at least a portion of the experience within the last 2 years.

  • Bachelor’s degree in an area related to the labor category from a college or university accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Security Clearance:

  • DoD Approved Clearance and Poly

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Emerging Disruptive Technology Analyst II AI-ML 116-002
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