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IC-CAP LLC is a Woman Owned / HUBZone Small Business working in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.  We are always looking for highly talented, energetic, and dynamic professionals that are interested in protecting the defense of our nation.  

Some of the positions are future positions.  Please look at the opening line of the job description to determine if this is an open or future position.


Our positions are not remote unless stated in the job description below.

We are looking to fill this position at the following location(s):

    Washington, DC

Job Description


The Candidate shall:

  • Provide geospatial support  services to NGA's High Resolution Vector Data (HRVD), Multinational  Geospatial Co-Production (MGCP) and International Co-Production  Activities (bilateral and multi-national partnerships).

  • Assist and provide services to Source Foundation GEOINT (SF), in support of Foundation Data review and production efforts.

  • Provide  support towards the HRVD and MGCP data processing needs of NGA. These  needs will include generation of data and metadata compliant to the MGCP  Technical Reference Documentation (TRD)

  • Correctly attribute  extracted feature data based on the MGCP Technical Reference  Documentation (TRD) or some other NGA Specifications, such as Feature  and Attribute Coding Catalog (FACC), as directed

  • Generate  conformant metadata for one-degree cells (or smaller) of vector data  submitted to the International Geospatial Warehouse (IGW) and HRVD data  portal. The metadata files will be in compliance with the Specification  of the MGCP Metadata, specifically designed for the MGCP for  multi-density vector data files. Each one-degree (or smaller) cell will  require metadata describing the dataset.

  • The contractor may be  responsible for generating scripts to automate the generation of  metadata files until such time that COTS software performs this  function.

  • Collaborate with partners in the interpretation of  extraction guidance, feature requirements, and metadata concepts to  increase interoperability.

  • Individuals will leverage knowledge gleaned from the international community to support SF Foundation Data production efforts.

  • Support  NGA in developing or reviewing TRD training materials, geospatial  production workflows using ArcGIS Defense Solutions, and data quality  assurance procedures, including the use of Geospatial Analysis Integrity  Tool (GAIT), to evaluate co-produced data.

  • Translate HRVD and MGCP data review or training documents, as appropriate.

  • Provide geospatial technical expertise to HRVD, MGCP and other International Meetings as specified by the Government.

  • Assist NGA in maintenance such as uploading/downloading documents and shapefiles.

  • Apply  knowledge of geospatial data requirements and metadata, sources,  standards, feature extraction and attribution, using the ArcGIS suite  and GAIT software

  • Develop automated workflows/tools for more efficiency

  • Display  knowledge and understanding of the technical (HRVD and MGCP)  specifications and the mission specific guidance necessary to review for  use in standard products, non-standard products and holdings in support  of mission requirements.

  • Provide subject matter expertise in ISO 19115 Geographic Information Metadata and ISO 19139 XML Schema Implementation.

  • Utilize  ArcGIS Defense Solutions to examine physical implementations and cross  reference databases for translation between standards

  • Implement engagement review and quality assurance procedures in accordance with NGA methodology to ensure successful execution

  • Analyze/evaluate  Foundation data for quality in terms of coverage, accuracy, currency,  completeness, and the applicability to the requirements.

Security Clearance:

  • DoD Approved Clearance and Poly

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